Our TechnologyManufacturing Technology

Realizing even greater production cost reductions through
value analysis and value engineering proposals from the design stage

In-house production of original, dedicated equipment

We contribute to the production of high-quality products by developing and manufacturing processing equipment and product-specific washing machines. Since we are able to design and manufacture a wide array of equipment in-house, we are also capable of installing dedicated equipment and lines for our users in a short time and at low cost.

Implementation of industrial robots

Robots have been introduced into the machining process to prevent machining inconsistencies caused by humans and to also save on labor costs. With deburring in particular, robots greatly contribute to consistent post-deburring edge quality. We also design and manufacture robotic hands, control programs, and accompanying equipment in-house.

Speedy prototyping and development

Using customers’ specifications and drawings as a base, we are able to proceed quickly with actions such as creation of production drawings, process design, and dedicated jig production. Since we have our own heat treatment equipment, we can also prepare prototypes in a short period of time. Even in development and prototype projects, we provide accurate processing proposals and process designs supported by our thorough quality control.