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Integrated in-house production
for reduced cost and high quality

There are more than 100 manufacturing processes for the production of bobbin cases, most of which are manufactured using our proprietary production equipment, molds, and jigs. Through these processes we have not only greatly reduced costs but also realized processing methods for unparalleled final quality of sewn products.

We implement the latest processing equipment for processes that require precision and aim to deliver a speedy response. At the core of “TOWA Quality” is our hybrid integrated production that employs processing methods and cutting-edge processing equipment that provide high sewing quality.

Technical proposals backed by the strength of our results

Our products are used as genuine parts by a number of sewing machine and embroidery machine manufacturers. We always have a wide-ranging lineup of products available that are compatible with the latest models, and we use the know-how developed over our many years of experience toward product development that solves problems that users have.

We currently produce approximately 800 types of bobbin cases and 200 types of bobbins.
If you have problems that need solving, please contact us at any time.

Taking the sewing industry to new heights

The sewing machine as we know it today has existed for 150 years. The basic structure of the sewing machine and of bobbin cases is largely unchanged and is said to be an industry brought to completion. That said, we spend every day researching, developing new ideas and technologies, and keeping a broad perspective so that we can develop new products that will contribute to society and allow is to take on new fields.

We will continue to provide support to the sewing industry in order to allow it to reach new heights.