Our Equipment

Conducting technical research from prototyping to mass production
for a wide array of High Precision Parts that require the greatest accuracy

Integrated in-house production
from single parts to assembly

We can carry out integrated production from single parts to assembly by utilizing the combined strengths of our processing equipment, technology, and quality control. We are capable of processing a variety of materials including standard steel, alloy tool steel, cast iron, heat-resistant steel, stainless steel, and non-ferrous metals.

Superior manufacturing technology
to achieve highly efficient production

We independently develop and produce numerous machines and devices that allow for efficient production.
Among these are our deburring machines that efficiently employ electrolysis and brushes, providing a great
contribution to the production of burr-free parts.

Dependability and reliability

Accurate measurements and data analysis are necessary in order to continue reliably producing and supplying High Precision Parts.
We perform thorough quality control in a temperature-controlled and seismically sound room, using an array of precision measuring equipment such as roundness and cylindricity measuring machines, contour shape measuring machines, surface roughness meters, measuring microscopes (with photography function), air micrometers, and durometers.

NC Lathes 135 Coreless Grinders 11
Drill Centers (Tapping Centers) 50 Honing Machines 19
Gas Carburizing Furnaces 6 Hydraulic Test Stands 6
Cylindrical Grinders 26 Cylindricity Measuring Instruments 5
Internal Cylindrical Grinders 3 Surface Roughness Measuring Instruments 5
    Coordinate Measuring Machines 1

※Including equipment owned by Towa Vietnam; as of 2022

Cutting Equipment

CNC Automatic Lathes

Main spindle fixed type bar machine (up to φ52)
Main spindle movable type bar machine (up to φ32)
Chucker machine (up to φ120)

Machining Centers

CNC compact machining center
CNC tapping center

Heat Treatment Equipment

・Batch-type drip-feed gas atmosphere quenching furnace (quenching, carburizing quenching, carbonitriding quenching 200k, 400k)
・Sub-zero treatment furnace, electric tempering furnace (200kg, 400kg)
・Quality checking equipment
Micro Vickers, Rockwell, metallographic microscopes (x50-x400), magnetic particle tester

Grinding Equipment

・Vertical honing machine
Machining diameter φ3 - φ100, mandrel electric servo control
・CNC angular cylindrical grinder
Machining diameter 0 - φ300, sharpening stone 45m/s
・CNC plain cylindrical grinder
Machining diameter 0 - φ60, sharpening stone 45m/s
・NC precision internal grinder (2-axis)
Machining diameter φ6 - φ100, grinding stroke 125mm
・Centerless grinder
Machining diameter φ1 - φ60, sharpening stone 45m/s
・Rotary surface grinder
Magnet chuck diameter φ600 (maximum processing diameter φ150)
・Precision lapping machine
Surface plate diameter φ380 (maximum processing diameter φ145)

Polishing Equipment

Magnetic barrel
Polisher, barrel (vibration, centrifugal, rotation)
Belt polisher

Assembly & Pressure Adjustment

Assembly & pressure adjustment of hydraulic parts

Precision Measurement

Roundness & cylindricity measuring machine
Contour shape measuring machine
Surface roughness meter
Air micrometer
Coordinate measuring machine
Measuring microscope (with projection function)

Plastic Working

Clamp press
12t, 25t, 35t, 45t, 110t, 160t
(bending, punching, cold forging, crimping)

Deburring & Cleaning

Extrude hone
Electrolytic deburrer
Brush deburrer
High-pressure water jet washing machine
Ultrasonic cleaner

Special Processing

Wire electric discharge machining machine