Company Profile

TOWA JAPAN Corporation Headquarters & Main Plant

Site Area: Land 17,400㎡, Building 9,395㎡
3-2-17 Shintomi-cho, Shibata-shi, Niigata 957-0017
TEL: +81-254-22-3430 FAX: +81-254-21-1195

Company Profile

Company Name TOWA JAPAN Corporation
Established May 1949 (Watanabe Precision Machine Manufacturing established May 1932)
Capital ¥95 million
Representative Yutaka Watanabe

Company History

1932 Established Watanabe Manufacturing, maker of aviation instruments, in Meguro-ku, Tokyo.
1945 Evacuated to Shibata in the wake of the Tokyo Air Raids.
1949 Established Towa industrial Co.,Ltd. at 1-2-2 Otemachi, Shibata City in Niigata Prefecture. Manufacture and sales of sewing machine parts (bobbin cases) begins.
1956 Designated as a Streamlined Model Plant for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises.
1960 Received the Deming Prize as an establishment with superior quality control.
1961 Began automating production equipment developed in-house.
1965 Moved Headquarters & Main Plant to current location (3-2-17 Shintomi-cho, Shibata City).
1968 Received the Minister of International Trade and Industry Award for contributing to the promotion of streamlining for small and medium sized enterprises.
1976 Completed the world’s first automated Mahjong table.
1981 Diversification of production items beyond sewing machine parts begins.
1988 Produces a micro engine (1cc displacement) for radio-controlled cars.
1989 Production of hydraulic valve parts for automobiles (for anti-lock brakes and active suspension) begins.
1992 Expanded High Precision Parts processing plant.
1993 Production of pressure control valves for nuclear and thermal power plants begins.
1996 TOWA Vietnam established in Vietnam with sole capital.
1999 TOWA Vietnam begins production of important safety and High Precision Parts for automobiles.
2001 TOWA Vietnam acquires ISO9001 certification.
2003 Opened TOWA Shanghai Office.
2004 Acquired ISO9001: 2000 certification.
2006 TOWA Vietnam No. 2 Plant constructed; production begins.
2007 Production of continuously variable valve lift mechanism engine parts begins. TOWA Vietnam acquires ISO14001 certification.
2010 Towa Industrial (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. established.
2011 TOWA Vietnam No. 3 Plant constructed.
2014 Eco Action 21 certified and registered.
2018 Changed company name to TOWA JAPAN Corporation.
2020 TOWA Vietnam Southern Star Plant in Vinh Long Province constructed, production begins.
2020 TOWA China Acquired ISO9001: 2015 certification.


Award History

The Deming Prize
In 1960, we became the second small and medium sized enterprise to be awarded the Deming Prize as a business establishment with excellent quality control. Our customers are highly appreciative of our commitment to quality.

※Established in 1951, the Deming Prize is an award given to individuals and companies in Japan who have been successful in improving the quality control of industrial products.
Niigata Prefecture Economic Promotion Award
On April 24, 2018, we received the 35th Niigata Prefecture Economic Promotion Award from the Niigata Expo Memorial Foundation.


In addition to efforts to improve technology such as acquiring ISO9001:2015 certification, we are continually working to improve product quality and create products that satisfy our customers.
Eco Action 21 Certified & Registered
In April 2014, we acquired certification from the environmental management system Eco Action 21.

TOWA JAPAN Corporation Overseas Locations