Message from the President

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TOWA JAPAN, headquarters of the TOWA JAPAN Group that has expanded into Vietnam and Shanghai, was founded in 1932 in Omori, Tokyo, as a company that produced aviation instruments. The original name of the company was Watanabe Precision Machine Manufacturing, named after our founder, Kenji Watanabe. Upon moving to Niigata, we began making history as Towa Manufacturing, and in 2018 we took our current company name, TOWA JAPAN Corporation.

From the time of our founding as a maker of aviation instruments, the management ability that is the basis of our high technology and reliability led us to become the second small and medium sized enterprise to be awarded the Deming Prize, one of the most prestigious awards for quality control, in 1960. Our next flagship product was the TOWA brand industrial bobbin case, with which we established an overwhelming position with more than 70% of the global market share in the sewing industry at its peak, with sales in more than 90 countries.

We have an integrated production system from materials to heat treatment, and have also established an in-house production system for automated production equipment. We applied these technologies to the development and sales of the world’s first automatic mahjong table. At the time of its release, it garnered rave reviews on TV and in newspapers. Around 1985, we made use of our accumulated technical and management abilities and also began manufacturing High Precision Parts for automobile brakes and precision hydraulic parts for construction equipment, agricultural equipment, and marine engines.

We launched TOWA Industrial Vietnam as a production base in 1995, and we currently have a reliable mass production system with approximately 1,000 employees at four plants in Vietnam. We expanded further in 2003, opening a representative office in Shanghai, and now we are building a sales network primarily in China as Towa Industrial (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd.

We aim to expand the scope of our business beyond borders as this age of globalization progresses, in line with our corporate philosophy of “Contributing to Society with our Technological and Management Capabilities”. We will also continue to make efforts to expand the business fields in which our employees’ intellectual curiosity can be stimulated.

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Representative Director and PresidentYutaka Watanabe